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June 2015  Post Bloom

Jun 8, 2015Bloom, Jane's garden0 comments

Having just completed a very satisfying bloom I am really enjoying being at home in my own garden.

It is just amazing the amount of growth in the last three weeks.  I feel like I went to the Phoenix Park, a switch flicked, and then when I returned home the garden came to life with vengeance.

The Cornus ‘Milkyway’ is looking fabulous, and under threat of footballs flying past.  I’ve given up shouting to stop, I’m wasting my breathe, I’m just going to have to share.

It’s very hard not to get excited about all the beautiful plants that are just about to flower, and the ones I know are coming along in the weeks to follow.  I think I might be very simple, but the catmint is just such a supper plant.  So easy to grow, and loved by all the bees.  I love the hum over the garden that they create.  No one ever gets hurt or is bothered by them.  So at the moment I have a family of pheasant nesting in one of the perennial borders, a couple of squirrels, a number of hares, and a swarms of very content bees, not to mention the slugs, and snails & puppy dogs tails.

The simple of task of cutting the grass went a long way to grounding me, and giving me a chance to look along the borders to find the gaps or jobs that need to be carried out.  The main job at this time of year is weeding.  Once we get them under control we can sit back and enjoy the fab blooms!