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The Process

Every landscape is different – and each client has different requirements.

Whether the landscape is public realm, a large estate, or a domestic garden, it is the end user’s requirements that drive our approach.

1. Brief


We spend time with each new client on site, learning to understand the place.  

Every space is unique and each project has different requirements, but the process is the same.

Discussions with the client inform the brief we develop to match the client’s needs.

Our motivation is to create timeless spaces that can be enjoyed just as much in the future as today.

2. Survey


A professional surveyor records the elements of the site – existing level changes, buildings, trees, utilities and services. This information is the bedrock upon which the design stage is built.

3. Design Concept


Jane and her team design an overall concept demonstrating how the finished project will look.

At a meeting with the client, Jane presents the proposed scheme, using 3d visual and scaled plans, as well as mood boards

This first visual conceptualisation forms the basis for discussion, allowing the design to evolve in response to client feedback.

4. Detailed Design


A scaled detailed landscape masterplan is produced. It incorporates every element of the project, from suggested hard landscape elements to lighting schemes and irrigation. 

Design quality is our hallmark, creating a template to allow accurate costing, accurate construction, and the fulfilment of the client’s requirements.

5. Planting


As landscape architects with a background in horticulture, we use our expertise to create planting plans and specifications. These detailed plans are tailored to the site and prioritise sustainable management of the natural environment.

6. Tendering


Once the overall design has been agreed, the next step is to secure a landscape contractor. We have long-standing relationships with a range of reputable landscape contractors. The nature of the project will dictate the landscape contractors who will be invited to tender for a project. As part of the tender process, we will supply them with the full drawing package, bills of quantities, and specifications. 

In preparation for their submission, the landscape directors will visit the site. Our team will analyse each quotation and will advise the client of our assessment.