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I think I am at risk of becoming a fair weather gardener, or maybe just a fair weather blogger. It feels like the winter weather will never end, especially after all the rain this week.

But after all that, Spring is definitely here, and everything is starting to sprout.

I have had an educational winter by taking a trip to Germany to see some very impressive plant Nurseries. It’s amazing, and very exciting to see what is available, and what is fashionable throughout the rest of Europe.  I was blown away with the quality, and how beautiful some of the topiary pieces were.  The umbrella formed and bonsai formed plants are still very in demand, and more like sculpture than plants.  The trip has made me realise the importance of buying from excellent quality nurseries.

The bulbs planted at Bramley Cottage two seasons ago have definitely multiplied, except where my new neighbours have been dining. By new neighbours I mean the rabbits. They have tried to dig themselves down, but failed thankfully.  They now seem to be more interested in the grass in the field behind than my merging delphiniums. However the three bullocks that stampeded the garden five weeks ago are not forgiven, and have presented me with a wicked challenge.  We have topped dressed the holes that they created, and I think I will need to roll the lawn. But the crows are determined to eat the seed.  I will be relying on The Lawnman from Summerhill Lawns to sort it out.  

We are busy weeding and getting ready for mulching. If all the beds are getting mulched this year, I really need to hurry up.  This is the optimum time for mulching, as the ground has started to heat up, and is still moist.  However mulching around the many Daffodils that I have planted throughout the Perennials is always a challenge.  I also need to move a few bits and pieces around.  I made notes last summer for changes to be made, and in true Jane style we will just about get them moved before it is too late.

2016 is going to be a fun and exciting year.  Bord Bia have signed me up to be an ambassador for the GroMor campaign.   I will be visiting 10 garden centres around the country, and giving talks.  The promotional information is attached here, but the main point is to encourage people to get out there and garden.  I can just imagine I will be coming home after every talk with something new in the car boot.  

Don’t forget to feed your planted areas with Chicken Manure, and bet the slugs with pellets!